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About The License

The RC21ODBC single user class library is available as a Win32 DLL for Microsoft Visual C++  for trial use. Trial use restricts its application to non-business purposes. It may be downloaded from this site.

RC21 is Open Source Software licensed under the Gnu General Public License.  For a copy of the license, click here.  For more on this license, go to http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.txt.  Alternate licenses for non-open-source projects are available:

Source Code License

Server License

Licensed customers are eligible for telephone and Web support and may receive program source for building in a variety of environments

About .mml Files

If you have arrived at this website because you have discovered some files with a .mml extension, here's the story:

Vermont Database Corporation licensed our tool called Pinnacle Relational Engine - way back in 1988 -  to the developers of a mailing list product.  This product was developed on contract for My Software Company.  The product is called My Mailing List or My Advanced Mailing List.  If you want to use the .mml file, get one of those programs.  They are available at stores like Staples, Office Max, and Office Depot.  You may also be able to get it by visiting http://www.mysoftware.com.  Once you have the program, you may use it to perform the usual operations on a mailing list.  You may also export to other common formats.

Price List

There is no charge for RC21 provided it is used only in Open Source Projects covered by the Gnu General Public License.  For other projects, please use the Price List as a guide.

Documentation and Notes

Note:  any of the files below may be viewed in your browser and saved on your computer for later viewing.

Downloadable Files

To download files, please go to http://rc21.sourceforge.net.