My Mailing List Users


My Software published My Mailing List, My Advanced Mailing List, and My Professional Mailing List. These programs were produced by Microcrafts in the Seattle area. Microcrafts used some of the database tools produced and published by Vermont Database Corporation. Chances are you have come to this page because you received a file that was produced by one of the MY packages and you don't know how to use this file. You have two chosices.

Click here to download and check "save to disk" when prompted.  Unzip the file and you will get dbport.exe.

dbport e filename-in filename-out

Let's say you have a file named abc.mml. Then, you could enter:

dbport e abc.mml newfile.csv

The next step is to look at newfile.csv. You will see a data file with the names of tables, columns, and the data itself. The data are separated by commas. Using any old text editor, modify the file and you should be able to import it into lots of different packages like dBase, Excel, etc.

Vermont Database Corporation cannot provide support for any software produced by our customers.